‘Ebooks are not for serious readers’

Look Jonathan, I like ya, and for the most part I am on your team; you write great literary novels-a goal I want to achieve one day. ‘Freedom’ (3rd act issues aside) was really fucking good, but dude, come on, it’s easy to say shit like this when HBO is cutting you a check. There are some writers (serious literary novelist not just paranormal lesbian vampire writers) who are not gonna get the Airport/Barnes and Nobles slot and get most of their dough from E-books. There are also Midlist writers who are very talented but are starting to get the shaft from their publishers and have to face the idea of The S Word “self-publishing”. For better or worst this is a different time than when you and RIP DF Wallace started out. Shit is kind of crazy, nobody really knows where publishing is going but I believe in the end ‘serious writers’ just want to keep the integrity of the story and reach readers. The medium really doesn’t matter as long as people are reading what the writer wrote.

PS Lay off the pot and don’t be your Richard character.

PS Part 2: I am looking forward to your HBO show, it does sound pretty cool.

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