Anis Shavini Deserves an Honorary MFA (Review of Againist The Workshop & My Tranquil War)

I am just having fun with the title. I’ll state from the beginning if you are looking for an anti-Shavini piece defending the MFA process go to the Huffington Post Message boards and speak of the joy of debt and shitty jobs (I have an MA in creative writing and worked for a porn store–I’m […]

Jaleel White’s (Urkel) Agent Pitches Him Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus

Setting: A posh coffee shop, in L.A.; Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel walks in to meet his agent Josh Weinstein. Agent: Jaleel. Look at you. Handsome as ever. How is life?” Jaleel: Mother fucking hard. The royalty checks they are not enough anymore. Why are we at this place? I hate this place. Agent: What […]