What up Christoph, much love from your boy James Franco for The Guest Blog Review of your book.

Digging the fuck out of ‘The Passion of the Christoph’ bro; the book is good as ‘Your Highness’ & ‘Milk’ combined. Mucho Gracias for letting me be one of your Beta Readers. You’re really  multi-talented & funny; I like your music too. You’re like a less attractive version of myself.

Yeah, I took a break from writing poetry, making organic Lima beans, editing my 5 act play, while finger cuffing an NYC Coed & read ‘The Passion of the Christoph’ and just loved it.

The Infinite Jest of Picking Porn Titles was one of my favorites but that could be cause I am teaching a class on DFW and might play him in a Sundance Documentary.

But yeah bro, good stuff; I smoked a bowl & even emailed the draft to Seth Rogen that lazy fat ass is gonna love all the jerk off stuff. You are like the Emily Dickinson of writing about jerking off–true poetry; speaking of, I think I am going to write a short film about jerking off but have it be a metaphor about the IMF & or immigration policy.

Totally, great stuff, I can’t wait till you get it all edited and  it drops April 1st; I hope you don’t mind but I am going to send it to my little brother & try to become a zen master.

Oh BTW, check me out in my new flick Spring Breakers I fucked 3 of The Disney girls; just read them some Slyvia Plath and they Mickey Moused my penis.  Peace out pisan.


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