Como Estas Christoph,

Your book es mucho gusto; you el Christoph, tu es eloquently a mirror of the evil of the decadent empire of America.

I read your book twice in the mi hospital bed. My favoritia was ‘strippernomics’ if I didn’t ban free speech I would have all the peasants of my great country read it to see that we must have world-wide socialism. Even the strip clubs and the coconut boobies are defiled by capitalism.

I also like the one with Snooki; Jersey Shore is the best new show in Venezuela. I will recommend it to Sean Penn.

I like reading diary of Mitt Romney; I am fan because he look like smiling Bob in penis pill commercial. I no like Obama he look Mickey Mouse with Sun tan. He no good, I miss el diablo Bush.

Ah, but you Christoph, you are a true American. The book is such delicious filth like burgers of Mc Donald’s so bad, but deliciousio. Knowing there are gringos like you in America your country’s demise should be soon and we will have fiesta burning your flags with the urine of my noble peasants.

I hope I get better to see it. Say a prayer when you drink your Absinthe.


Your bro Hugo


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