Copy of an e-mail Marco Rubio sent me last night that entails a review of my upcoming book ‘The Passion of The Christoph…

Yo Christoph, digging the book ‘The Passion of the Christoph’. Much love; south Florida success stories you & me.

Your writing is like Tupac meets Milton Friedman–the dope truth. Man, I like the sports & politics section the best. I hope the Dolphins do better this year; because of Christie I hate the Jets even more. But I was feeling that chapter & thought even though ‘Strippernomics’ has a socialist bent in my college days I can understand and empathize with your thesis.

Last night after I had intercourse with Mrs. Rubio, I finished your book and concluded we are men of destiny Christoph; you are gonna help save literature & I am going to save the country…but I did screw up last night. I felt so thirty like my parents did when they were on the rafts to freedom.

But today I am thirsty to save this great America and I was hard on myself for screwing up my speech; but then I read the story when you threw away $2,000 worth of your girlfriend’s shoes & I felt better about myself. Man, that is more wasteful than Obamacare.

But yeah bro, I will one day be president, the Dolphins will win a play off game, & your book will be an amazing success. I’m no scientist man, but our brilliance feels like it’s from another world. We are the Tupacs of the 21st century.

Rubio Out

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