Chris Traeger: Literally the greatest book I have ever read. If humor could feed the homeless the whole world will start jogging.

Ron Swanson: I don’t read. I looked at the cover and found the whole thing stupid.

Chris Traeger: Ron you are missing out; though offensive and indecent it still made me laugh. It was like fat-free ice cream; a delicious forbidden treat that I enjoy.

Ron Swanson: There is nothing of use in the book; nothing about wood or meat or how government. is a grime filled prostitutes.

Chris Traeger: Nonsense Ron, we work for the government and I think with open-mindedness we can find humor in all aspects of life.

Ron Swanson: There is a section on Men & Relationships; there is nothing funny about that. My ex-wives the Tammy’s are Emotional Terrorists. There is no advice or humor about how to survive Satanic girls that work at the library.

Chris Traeger: Well, I found the section along with all the others extremely insightful and very funny.

Ron Swanson: I think this Christoph character and his book are about as valuable to human world as the department of labor and a beat salad.

Chris Traeger: I couldn’t  disagree more. I myself love the department of labor and beat salad’s

Ron Swanson: The only thing good about this book is it didn’t come from National Endowment of the Arts, though it is filthy enough to be supported by those cretins

Chris Treager: You should definitely buy it; it cleverly comes out April 1st.

Ron Swanson: You should buy a stake instead and stay away from Tammies.

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