What up balla, it’s your girl Ke$ha. Shit, I read your book while I was on the Too-Late. I read half of the mother fucker while crapping cause I was drinking OE’s with my real bitches the night before.

Dude, you funny as clown balls. I laughed so hard it helped me get the last turd out of me.

Do you think it will make bank?

If so can I burrow some? Or write me a song about a ghost going down on me. Shit happened yo. I got to go on celebrity ghost hunters.

I liked the stuff about drugs and the rehab you went to sounds fun. Christoph we got to do some bath slat yo; when I did it I snuck into a a grade school & ate chalk. I was able to blow white stuff out of my mouth like god or an x-man character–it was ballin.

Well damn dog, I need to find some Jack Daniels & a morning after pill, but mucho props on your book. It’s punk rock mutha fucka; I got you in the top running to help me write my biography: Ke$ha: Where is The Special K At.



PS yo bitches, buy this book so Christoph and I can write songs together and huff Saudi Abrabian gasoline.

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