1) Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne

Blaine Gabbert is to quarterbacking what Chris Brown is to chivalry. And as a Miami Dolphin fan I can tell you that for Chad Henne to inspire a team the whole 53 team roster will need all of Richard Sherman’s adderall. I do not need to be a religious believer to believe that Tebow could help Jacksonville win more than those two duds. It would be one of thing if they drafted or traded for quarterback but they are stuck with guaranteed horrid and unentertaining quarterback play unless you are a Houston, Tennessee, or Indianapolis fan then those two would be pretty fun to watch.

2) Economics

You need to fill seats in Jacksonville or you are going to end up in LA. Now, if I am some forty-something sports fan in Jacksonville smelling of Paper Mills, with two kids who are struggling to learn math and/or having issues with meth use, and a wife who is addicted to Bravo TV do I really want to waste a 100 something bucks to drink over priced beer and watch my team lose. No, but this sports fan might feel differently if he is watching Tebow playing because that sports fan is not leaving till the end of the game because that is when Tebow does his magic. Tebow gives fans hope, warranted or not, Tebow pulls out some crazy victories and hope sells– just ask Obama about that one. Tebow will put and keep people in the seats.

3) The Run Option

Jacksonville plays in a division where none of those defenses are built to deal with the run-option. This is not the NFC-WEST. None of the defenses personal is built to deal with the run-option they are built to deal with the traditional pocket-passer a la Manning now Luck era and the guy who looks like the British action hero in those Transporter movies who plays quarterback for Houston. What is Tennessee going to do when you have Tebow, Robinson from Michigan, and Jones-Drew in the spread option. You are going to get more yards that way then with Gabbert just going down for a sack.

4) Win by Failure

Let’s say Tebow doesn’t work out and Jacksonville goes 2-14. You at least get fans excited and going to games; then you get rewarded with the first pick again with a much better quarterback class in 2014 Draft. Jacksonville is probably going to get the same record with Gabbert but fill half as many seats. If you are going to go down, go down with a blaze of glory. The only backfire with Tebow is the Jaguars could win 6 more games and go 8-8 and be in the position that Denver was in, not the worst thing if you are the Jacksonville Jaguars.

5) For The Good of Jacksonville

It smells like paper mills and the economy sucks. This city needs something to feel good about. Tim Tebow is walking Prozac for this sad place. He is a symbol of faith, hope, and perseverance. Even if he loses, people will still be waiting faithfully for that Tebow magic to happen and there is chance that it might. The guy brought joy to northern-central FLorida once he should have the opportunity to play quarterback there one more time to see if he can do it again.

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