Truth be told, I am a failed literary novelist. I never thought of doing comedy; I wanted to write books about existentialism, the nature of God, terrorism, evolutionary psychology, economics, and other topics you here College Juniors talk about when there drunk and/or stoned at Denny’s.

I wrote five drafts of a literary hostage situation novel that I would pitch as Dostoevsky meets ‘Die Hard’ for four years while working on getting a band going. The band is now done and the literary novel is back on the self to be revised when I’m 40.

I hit a writing and life cross roads and wasn’t sure what the hell to do. I still wanted to write, but I didn’t know what?

A friend suggested I start a blog and to get my writing ‘swag’ back, to just write what amused me and do it for the pure pleasure of it.

When I started the blog, it was pure self-indulgence, as I stopped being so serious and just wrote things that would make me laugh and dare I say entertain myself and others. With no expectations and the guidance of a great editor a really funny comedy-non-fiction book came out of it ‘The Passion of the Christoph’ and a voice and love for comedy did as well.

I continued embracing my immaturity and love for bodily fluid jokes as I recently finished the first draft of a romantic comedy YA book. Though there are no moments I can compare with Dostoevsky it has been really fun to write.

Yes, I wish there were scenes that make me wonder what is a better philosophy: existentialism or theism but instead my character just wonders about the size of his crushes boobs and how to make it through high school.

I’m not sure if it is up there with Camus but I’m sure even Dostoevsky would have felt the angst of dealing with high school.

Sometimes we have an idea of ourselves and who we want to be as writers that is not who we really are as a writer. You might want to be the captain of the debate team but you might just be the class clown. It is when you let these ‘outside’ ideas go and just write is where the truth, magic, and yes fun (not the crappy band) comes.

I have learned to drop the ego at the computer and even follow a little deep advice from my old friend Nietzsche: Become Who You Are–that is somebody out to write funny and entertaining pieces and stories.

Yes, I still do want the French to rave about my depth and literary genius but for now I can accept being appreciated the way they liked Jerry Lewis.

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