What’s up Christoph,

Man, I am filing for bankruptcy; I haven’t been this upset since, I got a bad perm..and you know when some kidnapped my baby…that was a total bummer too.

I’ve just been chillaxing, lying low; my grandparents once took me to PF Changs but they spit in our food so we now order in or my Grandma cooks.

I got a kindle and I don’t really like to read (though, you can sign up for blogs & books about all sorts of useful stuff, weight loss and where to get good chloroform) but I downloaded your book…so funny. I wish I had it while I was in the joint!

My favorite pieces was the ghostwriting you did for Snooki and ‘All Fetuses Go To Heaven: A Children’s Story on Abortion’. Man, I wish I read that one and I would still be partying it up. But I still remain pro-life.

I liked the sections on sex and life and have to say you are pretty funny. I needed those laughs; the worst things have happened to me–besides being bankrupt I broke a nail and my favorite basketball team lost. Terrible stuff…and oh yeah, my daughter too, that person who did it…I hope they find them.

So, thanks for cheering me up with your book, if I ever have to go back to the joint I’ll recommend it to my friend Shirley she liked to read after fighting.

Can you pay me for this review?



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