Having it be 2017 I felt we need an updated list of top Strip Club Songs. Now I wanted to focus on songs where the club or the stripper is the inspiration for the song as the artist shares their experience, strength, and hope of dealing with those hoes the work the poles.

5) Tyga- Rack City

Though Tyga uses a minimalist rhymes that make me wonder if he is autistic or just lazy, Rack City is clearly about a strip club and the chorus is very catchy and about making it rain with serious cash flow. It will be a staple for all strip clubs and the dancers will appreciate having ‘Rack city bitch, rack, rack, rack city bitch/tens, tens, and twenties are your titties bitch.’ I honestly just give one dollar bills when the girls are dancing but I don’t have Rack City Money. Still, this is a song of Tyga celebrating his favorite strip club and his own success.

4) T-Pain “I’m in Love With A Stripper”

This song does capture the essence of having a ‘strush’ a stripper crush. The chorus is a little cartoonish but so is having a crush on a stripper and T-Pain also hailing from South Florida like myself understands the stripper game of the south fla pole dancers. The girls from South Florida very charming all secretly rather be Miami Dolphins cheerleaders instead of strippers. This song really has no irony, as there is great sincerity of being so enamored with an onion booty that T-Pain falls in love calling back our days of paganism where a woman would dance for the fertility gods before she mated.

3) Moses Moses “Shavona”

Biased. Yes, but my band’s song is a damn good one about a stripper and the chorus has a solid hook “I’m Loving her like the way she Love’s That Eight-ball, as she crawls, and she calls, and crawls to me.” It says it all–we are all junkies for something. The verse is sexy as the rhythm section gives it a beat that the girls can twerk it too. This song feels like you need to get checked for Hep C after listening to it.

2) Motley Crue “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

Where my old band captures the dangers of falling for a stripper, Motley Crue finds away to celebrate every strip club that was probably up in running in the late 80’s. Though not as good as their song Dr. Feel Good it will be a timeless anthem about the love of strip clubs and will be played at the strip club until we have technology that the stripper can be a hologram in your own house. Future predictions aside it is the best rock song dedicated to the girls who work the pole still to this day and probably always will be.

1) Frank Ocean “Pyramids”

Leave it to a bi-sexual man of brilliance to write an epic anthem about African culture dating back to the times of Cleopatra and then forwarding to the modern Cleopatra working at the strip club known as The Pyramids. By part two of the song, Ocean is using rhymes with Cleopatra ‘6 inch heels catch ya’ and we are taken on a journey and true character sketch of the stripper known as Cleopatra. The chorus is also a great use of downward chord progression and has an awesome hook that fits the story of the whole over 9 minute song. This is the best song that has ever been written about a stripper or a strip club. And last but not least even though is kind of pussy and douchebag all at once John Mayer still gives a great guitar solo to end the song.

For more detail on strip clubs please check out my book “The Passion of the Christoph” which features the hard-hitting economic theory ‘strippernomics’ which Paul Krugman believes is true.

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