Hey readers and writers and delinquents,

Here are some updates about what is happening with my writing projects for this coming year. I am revising The Young Adult/New Adult Romantic Comedy Series “Joey ‘The Art Film” Caldo”. I am feeling really good about it and already outlining Book 2. I won’t give anything away but Book 2 will involve a wedding.

My editor, the awesome Jessica Swift (Swift Ink Books) and I decided on the title for the poetry collection “At Least I Get You In My Art & Other Poems’ I am really excited about it. It is very different from “The Passion of the Christoph“, it a serious collection of poems about life, loss, and love. I am very proud of it. It should be out in July.

I am editing another author’s work what I would pitch as a New Adult Literary Romance and all I can say is it is a pleasure to work on and this book has such beautiful language and story. I can’t say much more but this artist can write and it is an awesome work of romanticism.

Last, joking around I said to a friend and fellow poet, “I swear people don’t read poetry because of most of it is post-modernism crap and the rest is just boring.” But she argued that they average person rather just read about celebrities and an idea hit me–write a poetry collection about celebrities and see what happens; so when the Muse hits me I have been writing ‘celeb poems’. From The A-List to the F-List, from Tom Cruise to Honey Boo Boo I am writing about them. It is really fun and I will probably put it out for free as an E-Book titled “Lindsay Lohan…Let Me Count The Ways: Celebrity Poems & Psychoanalysis.” I will be posting a few of the poems the website so keep a look out.

Now, enough about me what are you working on and/or reading??

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