The more I keep doing this writing thing the more I see the paradoxes are true. You need to humble yourself and read as much as you can to get better and when you are that computer you need to think you have Hogwarts magic in your fingers.

It is a tough gig, and you must have this paradox to stay sane and keep moving forward. You get too cocky you get lazy, you get to unsure your fingers cramp up.

You need both feelings of humility and confidence and you need them at the same time–it is Zen or some eastern mind trick.

Sometimes people say writers can be egotistical but I think that is ok. Writers need a little bit of that hubris, that cockiness that, ‘I have something to say and going to entertain and enlighten the hell out of people when the read my work they are going to be like: damn this guy can write some good shit’ but yet you know you got to revise, you need an editor, and know that just because you wrote something people are not going to come to you like you walked down a mountain and your Moses with a Kindle Fire.

We have a lot of hats to wear and for better or worst we need sell ourselves and others. With great freedom comes great responsiblity–Spiderman’s uncle knew what was up. We can write whatever we want but now it is up to us to sell it and that is where the humility comes in.

I had to realize no matter how ‘great, creative and brilliant’ I thought my new book was no one else knew this or even cared and I had to figure out how this marketing thing worked. A lot of writers romanticized the idea of us just producing brilliant pieces of work and we’ll just get some schmuck who will make sure they reach the masses.

Well guess what, we are now that smuck unless we have a bunch of money to pay someone to be that schmuck.

With the digital age, bad economy– marketing money is no longer as available or as useful whether you are traditionally or self-publishsed. I have learned in the end the only one who is really going to ‘pimp’ your book is you.

With selling I am still learning and I am novice but there are some people who are really good have good tips like Rachel Thompson who knows the deal and does it quite well.

Like writing, you got to be humble to study the craft and follow others who know more than you and at the same time find out what works for you and what does not.

I am still figuring it out as my book The Passion of the Christoph has only been out a month and a half and it could be doing better but it could be worse. A positive mind-set and thinking of years instead of months also helps too.

But I’m in it for the long haul, I have many books in me, and like my buddy Randy from American Idol says ‘I’m in it to win it.’ I’ll figure this marketing thing out and I have the confidence that I will be selling those books as long as I stick with it.

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