Interview with Jason Donnelly Author of Gripped

It’s awesome to share that I got to be a Beta Reader for Jason Donnelly’s “Gripped.” I must say it is funny as fuck. Seriously, this is a really great book and I even felt jealousy as Jason writes more poetically about masturbation than myself and my contemporaries on choking the chicken. He is a […]

Review of Yeezus An Album of Aggressive Romanticism

Alright, y’all, I have listened and absorbed “Yeezus” and have concluded that this is an album what I will call “Aggressive Romanticism”. Don’t jack that shit Pitchfork. Seriously, though, it is a great album with a man showing himself in the raw; “Yeezus’” beats and rhymes are the rawest we have ever heard from Kanye […]

Letter to Lena Dunham: In Defense of The Porn Parody

Author’s Note: This is a response letter to Lena Dunham’s protest against her show being a porn parody by Hustler. What’s up Lena, How is the writing and filming Season 3 of “Girls” going? That dude who played Charlie that left because of ‘differences’, whatever, he sounds like a douche and will regret it. He […]