*Author’s Note, I will be posting the poems that did not make the Poetry Collection “Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems” aka P.C.P. or for you Twitter Folks #CelebPoems until the release of the book on July 4th with Swift Ink Books as a follow-up to “The Passion of The Christoph”. Until then, please enjoy the B-Sides…


Howard Stern

My mom still thinks I’m a moron.

I’m on network TV,
looked at legitimately,
and she still sees my as a failure.

Jewish mothers,
unless you’re a doctor
or a lawyer…

you’re a failure
in their eyes.

I get paid more than both

but she just sees me as a
disk jockey with a divorce.

Oy vay,
I miss Alison
and screwing with the FCC.

That’s when life was really good.

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