You can only get away with
looking like a statistics
professor for so long.

But I’m not one,
or rigging elections,
would have been easier.

I was a charming leader,
but never great with
jokes, expect this one:
How does a Zionist Jew
cross the road?

He throws a Palestinian
at a car and walks on his
dead occupied body…haha.

I thought all you need is
to speak bad about The
Jews and make good jokes
but now the tweets and the
social consciousness makes
a politician’s job too hard.

It doesn’t matter;
I was just a figurehead
for the mullahs who
encouraged me to wear
these crappy suits.

It’s better now,
I can return to
the country side
catch up on
Iranian Idol
and wait for the
return of the
12th Iman or
a secular

Either way,
Allah will
show his
anger at the
Iranian people.


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