Paula Deen

You say the ‘n word’ word
and your whole world
cracks like a
day old egg.

Well color my grits
the colored our free.
But they still don’t
know their place.

It’s a shame cause
niggers really love
my mac & cheese.
I make the best in
all of the south.

It goes so good
with watermelon…

Gosh darn it
I said it

My tongue,

it knows
food so well
It just ain’t no
good at using words.

People think
us southerners
are racist

but did you know
them E talians
call the

Now that’s just silly
everyone knows they
got nigger blood mixed
with all that olive oil
that’s why they so dark.

Aw shucks…I did it again.


From collection Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems

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