10 Questions With Phone Sex Operator and Writer Jenny Ainslie Turner

I am very pleased to have Jenny Ainslie-Turner for Ten Questions With Christoph. She has worked in the phone sex industry for 12 years, and speaks widely on the subject, and has a semi-biographical book out called “How To Talk Dirty: A Hands-on Guide to Phone-Sex.” Her television appearances include My Phone Sex Secrets (Channel […]

Spitzer and Weiner Debate for S.A.D. Super PAC

Being a former porn store manager entitled me to free membership of the NYC Super PAC known as S.A.D. “Sexual American Deviants” We are a group of porn industry workers, pick up artists, Craigslist Casual Encounters Enthusiasts, amateur cock pick senders, prostitutes, pimps, and really aggressive One Direction fans over 18 of course. This election […]

Poet Sandee Gertz Umbach’s 10 Questions With Christoph

I am very happy to have some class and artistic cred to this website and blog as google and ‘the people’ have made “Top 5 Songs About Strip Clubs and Dancers Strip Songs” the most read and searched article on this blog. To balance the pole ridding philistine presence I have been graced by a […]