First, let me state, I don’t like writing this stuff. I should be doing satire or working on my YA Series; I actually wanted to post a short noir I wrote that got rejected by cool publisher or blog about being newly single and how I am now in a relationship with

I still need to write a satire piece for a guest blog on how ‘there should be prescriptions written for prostitution to help cure depression’ but this damn case won’t go away and I still have to say a few things say.

I said my piece about race “here”, but I’m going to talk about the non-racial elements of this case.

Last night I talked with a family member I haven’t talked to in a while; we both follow politics to a healthy extent (our lives don’t revolve around it) and ended up talking about the case. I’ll leave this person nameless, who like me is not that different in political beliefs, though this person is way more to the right I would label them a ‘libertarian’.

Yes, my liberal friends, I am a libertarian. I know, “Christoph you are kooky, don’t you hate the 1%.”

I know, I get where you are coming from I wasn’t always a libertarian; I like 97% of other writers &/or musicians was a liberal on all issues but I ended having two long-term jobs in my life (I also did work for K-Mart, camp counselor, Radio Shack, and sign twirled) managing a porn store and working for The Department of Labor and I did more for the ‘community’ and felt morally ‘better’ about what I did at the Porn Store than I did for The Dept of Labor job.

I am going to try to submit an article about that one or that will be a blog post for another time (you’ll be disgusted by the amoral things I did while wasting your tax dollars). For you ‘Parks and Recs’ fan I was a real life Ron Swanson.

So, I’m not a liberal anymore because of those two jobs. I was though for a long time; I voted for Obama (in the primary and donated for him to beat Hillary and McCain) but afterward I worked those two jobs and it totally changed my political outlook. I realized the federal government is a piece of shit and when it tries to fix things it 80% of time screws things up even more.

I saw and still see the tragic law of unintended consequences. For better or worst I have a pessimistic view of government and see the free market as the lesser of the evils.

Do I want suck capitalism’s cock like some conservatives and have tea party dipping its balls in my mouth? No, I just think the other ‘isms’ are worst. I think Edmund Burke though boring and a lame a British guy was right about a lot of shit. I have the heart of liberal and life experiences that made me a libertarian.

I’m socially as liberal as Rachel Maddow (check this video, it’ll put you in a good mood) but on economics and most issues of liberty I probably agree most with John Stossel (who I would not write a love song too). I know as a guy who plays punk rock that isn’t very punk rock but then again most punk rock bands are totally liberal so I guess that would make me punk rock for not following most punk rock outlooks? Woah, that just fucked my head up.

Back at the subject at hand, I talked to this family member who is more to right of me on a lot of subjects, he is a hardcore “Lockean” that basically means ‘property rights’ is the most important thing to this person.

This person believes (which I find ridiculous) that we’d be better off following the old 1776 law that only property owners should vote. So this is not a person who voted for Obama, or a fan of affirmative action, and the only nice thing they would say about Jesse Jackson is…nothing, this person would have noting nice to say about Jesse Jackson unless this person got him confused with Tito or any of the other members of the Jackson 5 as this person was big a fan of pop soul music group.

Yet, when we talked about the case this person just looked at it with common sense and said, “You know, these idiots like Zimmerman think they are cowboys and this poor kid lost his life because of it. As a parent I’d be so pissed off.”

I agreed. And I think that is where legally we are screwed, as this person is very informed and educated and explained to me because of ‘The Stand Your Ground Law’ The Martin’s can’t take Zimmerman to civil court. So basically, Zimmerman is free. Because of the law and the culture that backs that law up in Florida a kid died that shouldn’t have.

That is why I’m still so railed up about this. I’m not even going to talk about race but I will talk about the culture of guns and thinking your Charles Bronson. On a side note I loved all the ‘Death Wish’ movies, I would write a remake if I could afford to buy the rights. I thought it was entertaining movie and there are few action films I find artistically satisfying and enjoyable. But art is fantasy, it is fiction, a writers job is to write pretty lies that are entertaining sometimes enlightening. In real life, vigilantism ends very wrong.

As a libertarian after seeing Newton, movie theatre killing, and now Trayvon I think we need to use common sense when it comes to our culture with guns.

I’m not going to argue whether Zimmerman is ‘racist’ or not; I’m seeing it is pointless because many good white people have a blind spot to racism (especially in the south and we all have blind spots of prejudice and I’m not a saint either and I see that same blind spot a lot of good white people have that I have with sexism; I will be the first to admit that and I struggle with acting sexist–I think most feminists just need to get laid, and I’m very insensitive about women’s issues but at least I can see that, I know I’m wrong and prejudice even though it doesn’t ‘feel’ like I am) and black people have experienced that prejudice for themselves.

But enough about race and sex. Lets focus on public safety and poor choices that is why I’m writing this. That is where I will argue that Zimmerman acted foolishly looking for an unnecessary confrontation.

We all have to wonder something…would he have approached Trayvon if he did not have a gun?

Think about it…

I don’t know if he would have. A gun is like a car and gives him a mechanical device of power and great responsibility and I believe Zimmerman tragically misused it.

I’m not saying we need to become Britain but we need some kind of common sense with our culture of guns. We have to find some middle ground (not Stand Your Ground) where people can protect themselves but not act like a poor man’s Charles Bronson.

If you go looking for a confrontation and you have a gun this is the tragic shit that happens. And when we are using common sense I think George would have probably not messed with the kid or him and Trayvon would end up with mutual ass whoppings if he didn’t have that gun.

Hell, we would be probably be talking about guns in a total different way (probably about the black woman who is getting 20 years for firing warning shots, also, in Florida).

I don’t have a solution for the legality of guns but I’m pointing out that this vigilante culture use of them especially in the south is a problem.

The family member and I are libertarians but we like cops, (even though I am a hip hop lover and enjoy ‘artistically’ the song ‘fuck the police’ it is just a good ass song) that is a tax we don’t mind paying because they are trained professionally to handle shit that protects us and that is what I want the government to do locally and federally–fix roads, fires, fight crimes, etc. so I don’t have to. Basic needs stuff.

I also feel racism is becoming ‘less’ of a factor with cops just because I see a shit load of black, asian, and hispanic cops but that is not the point. If they came and Zimmerman stayed in his car, played Words With Friends–whatever, this would have been a no story.

The cops would have came and questioned Trayvon and saw this as a kid with Skittles and a phone who was visiting his family and would have left realizing Zimmerman was profiling but better safe than sorry.

Compared to a loss of life I’ll take that, yes, it’s a form of racism but no one dies. Zimmerman would also been better off too, his life is fucked now too and rightly so.

The whole thing is one awful tragedy that is why we are so drawn to this case (yes the media loves blood lust and likes divisional stories) but this case is important because we now see flaws in our system. Because of our Second Amendment we can’t regulate the use of guns and legally Zimmerman has every right to carry that gun.

That is not going to change, though, I think “The Stand Your Ground Law” should change. In the end, as a society, I hope somehow we can all impact culture (especially in the south), that people like Zimmerman will next time feel it is the cops jobs to serve and protect and will leave it to them.

Unfortunately, the verdict said otherwise.

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