I donated. I like clean highways, Slayer is cool, and this is just kind of funny.

I just want to drive by on a bus or to a book reading and see Satan’s Highway.

It’s not cause I’m a Satanist are any silly shit like that, honestly the Church of Satan is basically if Ayn Rand readers liked to wear black and do rituals.

In some ways I can respect Christian, Jewish, and Islamic beliefs in a monotheistic God a lot more, cause when it comes down to it this whole Satan thing is just silly. I mean The Devil that we know and love comes more from Paradise Lost than any holy book.

My mom converted from Jew to Catholic so I was raised Catholic. I went to CCD school and had to read all this Christian stuff. I loved horror as a young kid so I looked to find stuff about The Devil but Satan was barely in The Bible. Spoiler Alert: His only real good occurrence were in ‘The Job Chapter’ and ‘Revelations’.

Yes, there is the whole ‘Mourning Star’ thing in Isaiah but that could be about some King or some shit (though in science class we had a Star Fish that would always climb to the top of the tank and I would knock it down with my pencil and say it was as a reenactment of the Fall of Lucifer. My science teacher did not appreciate the creative artistic act and said I was breaking the rules of Church and State and being cruel to the Starfish.)

As a fun as it was to play Mourning Star in Science class that is problem, the belief in Lucifer is kind of ‘fun’ and makes for a good villain especially for Evangelicals. They get wrapped up about Satan because of ‘Paradise Lost’s’ effect on religious belief and ‘Revelations’.

Here is my thing and complaint with ‘Revelations’, I talked with a Deacon once about the Chapter. He said he didn’t take that seriously like the 4 Gospels and said it was barely voted in by Catholic Church….

Yeah, whether The Good Book was Divinely inspired or not I don’t know, but what chapters to keep in were chosen by The Church. It kind of messes with your head up cause that is the same church that let men mess with little kids. Who knows, though, I don’t want to fuck with any person’s faith up.

I’m not a believer per say but I share Camille Paglia’s view that religion is a good thing. I don’t know want the truth is, that is my belief. I am not a fan of labels but if I give myself one I’ll say existentialist: what gives your life meaning and purpose more power to you and religion is a great way to do that.

But I think this whole Devil thing is just a bunch of bullshit and so is Revelations. Most Historians will say it was meant to be looked at as a symbolism and about Roman Empire, not literally.

I wish most Evangelicals would just stick to Sermon on The Mount, The Gospels, and forget about the damn devil. In the end, you are making Satan like the forbidden fruit. I probably wouldn’t have donated but when I see people acting crazy about anyone even the devil about ‘cleaning up a highway’ it made me want to donate even more.

When you make The Satanists look like the sane ones, you are not helping Jesus or your fellow-man out but you’re making Satan look pretty good.

Donate To Satan’s High Way Here

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