Paradise Lost: Lucifer’s Blurred Lines

As Syria is turning into something close to our idea of Hell, we are still talking about Miley Cyrus. I am not judging, this makes total sense to me; if there is one story Americans’ have grasped, understood, and been influenced by it is Milton’s “Paradise Lost”–the story of Lucifer falling from Heaven. I’m sorry […]

Hipsters You Can Like The Gilmore Girls…Not Ironically

“The Gilmore Girls” is a great show as many people know I watched every episode when I worked at the porn store. Now, besides ladies with good taste and enjoyment of snappy dialogue, I get eye rolls especially from hipsters who think the show is lame and can only be enjoyed with ‘ironic sensibility’. But […]

Why Poets Should Be Active On Twitter

The social media of choice for most people part of the ‘literary establishment’ is Facebook. It is a very simple reason why–it is inclusive. Facebook was made by an elitist Ivy league kid who wanted to help other educated elites have a way to connect only to each other. MySpace, died because it was only […]

What American Politician Do You Want To See Eaten By Sharks?

With “Great White House” coming out Friday Sept 13th, we want to know which politician people are most excited to swim with fishes. Vote below what politician you want to see eaten by the great white sharks. Don’t worry the poll is anonymous so the NSA won’t put you on a list. VOTE HERE! EVERY […]

Globalization’s Great Gatsby: How To Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

“How to Get filthy Rich in Rising Asia” by Moshin Hamid is the best novel of the year and I would argue it’s the globalization’s era “The Great Gatsby”. This book is what a literary novel should be: inventive, full of great prose, characters, and leave you with new thoughts about the human condition. In […]

I Really Am Writing “Great White House”

I do book pranks a lot on Twitter and Facebook; I say I’m going to write something ridiculous like ‘Just Because He Likes Your Facebook Status, Doesn’t Mean He Likes You’. But I am totally serious about this book; I am revising and editing “Great White House.” I really had great love for “Sharknado”. I […]