“The Gilmore Girls” is a great show as many people know I watched every episode when I worked at the porn store.

Now, besides ladies with good taste and enjoyment of snappy dialogue, I get eye rolls especially from hipsters who think the show is lame and can only be enjoyed with ‘ironic sensibility’.

But I now have proof to show “The Gilmore Girls” are fucking cool as you’ll see below the best documentary with hipster cred known as “DIG”

Epic clip. Not known by the masses but a cult-favorite, it is the skinny jeans of rock docs. What TV Show decides to reenact this epic scene, the fucking ‘Gilmore Girls’ that’s who, just watch.

Throw in a guest appearance by Norman Mailer, and The Gilmore Girls should not be guilty pleasure but respected TV Show. It also is better and more well-written than “Girls.”

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