Joe Biden Poem

What’s up kids!
It’s Uncle Joe,
listen up:

there is a pie in the sky
but Republicans are in planes
stealing it and selling it
to the Jolly Green Giant.

That son of a bitch is
making GMO vegetables;
but I’ll stop him.

Uncle Joe’s got your back.

I’ll keep the skies blue;
don’t worry about The Drones
flying above you.

They’re just paper planes,
like the song;
you know the girl rapper
who looks like a younger
hotter Susan Rice.

I got the youth vote;
Uncle Joe is hip.
I am on The Onion.

Christie or that Cuban
boy will get there B.A
in Bidenology and
be schooled at
Biden University.

And Benghazi,
go ask Hillary
about that one.

Like, the rapper
Silk The Shocker
(yeah black people
Uncle Joe knows
the score) said:

It ain’t my fault.

Joe Biden will be a character in my upcoming political satire shark attack book “Great White House.” It will be released September Friday The 13th.

Final Great White House

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