A Letter to The Black Community: Don’t See Movie Baggage Claim

What’s up y’all. Black community you know I got love for you and I write this letter with only good intentions. We bonded on this blog talking about serious subjects like race relations in the south and the Zimmerman case; we also bonded on less serious subjects like why onion booties are awesome along with […]

Dexter Series Finale Review: Jesus Psychopath Superstar

*Spoiler Alert. Many people, are disappointed at the Series Finale of “Dexter”. Like the “Soprano’s” series finale I am in the minority of feeling it was the right ending for the show. Though, the quality has diminished since season 4 (like many shows do as the writers who make these shows so good leave) I […]

Exclusive: Sweet Pea, The Stripper with Jacoby Jones, Shares Her Story

As many of you know, I was a porn manager on the border of Maryland and Washington, DC. When the story broke about Jacoby Jones being injured by a stripper named Sweet Pea. I called (an unnamed source) to see if I could speak with Sweet Pea, who allegedly broke a campagne bottle over wide […]

Jason Voorhees Friday Book Reviews: Eden Baylee

Due to “ObamaCare” and “Writers Working With Serial Killers” I am working with mass murderer and camp counselor killer Jason Voorhees as he takes Lexapro and tries to not to kill people. For his therapy he will be doing book and movie reviews on Fridays. Also Baylee’s book is 0.99 cents which is close to […]