1) I discovered you as a poet reading a poem of yours on Facebook? Is poetry your main love and is Facebook your favorite form of social media?

Poetry is one of many loves. I also am a Mother, an artist and an educator. Family comes first and foremost and many of my poems are inspired by them as well as childhood events. Facebook is a nice networking tool – but it is just that a tool – I primarily use Facebook to keep up with friends and family.

2) Word. I like Twitter and E-mail. I don’t have kids but you dedicated your poetry book to your son. I am dedicating my upcoming poetry book “At Least I Get You in My Art & Other Poems” to my diseased my grandma but for my non-fiction book “The Passion of The Christoph” I dedicated the book to ‘Thai food and titties’ (which was changed to ‘my journey’.) What is it about poetry that brings out a more serious side of an artist?

Funny! I like that. My son was the inspiration for many of my poems in my first book which is available now on e-book via Writing Knights Press. A good sense of humor is important and taking oneself too seriously is a habit I don’t like to digress to…however, I think this quote sums up that notion well enough: “Sex is difficult; yes. But those tasks that have been entrusted to us are difficult; almost everything serious is difficult; and everything is serious.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke, “Letters to a Young Poet”.

3) Rilke is rules! My favorite poem in the new collection I’ve finished is a tribute to him and his poem “To Lou Andreas-Salome”. He is the man. Now, back to you, sorry, I’m very egotistical; doing these interviews has been tough to not focus on myself.

I heard a poem of yours talk about ‘Homeland’, I know it’s not about The Showtime TV show but have you seen it? It is the show starring Claire Danes. If you have not it’s about an American marine becoming an Islamic terrorist. That would be kind of cool if it was an IRA thing. What is your favorite TV show?

No, I regret I have not seen it though I like Claire Danes as an actress very much. I don’t watch television.

4) I understand but I recommend Netflix; there are some TV series that are…moving poetry. Now, you’re an artist too, not just using words but making actual art. What do you like more about creating art and what do like more about creating poems?

Actually, most recently I like combining the two…artworks with words imbedded in layers of collage, assemblage and meaning.

5) That sounds dope! I love both, I can’t do anything expect use words. I can’t even draw stick figures they just look wrong. Back to poetry the title of your collection ‘In the Beginning and the End’ sounds like a Nine Inch Nails song. They are my favorite band. Who is your favorite band and does music influence your poetry and art?

Love Nine Inch Nails – have seen them in concert many times starting in my teen years. My favorite music is Moby and Mozart. Yes, I almost always have music in the background when I am working on artworks especially.

6) Mozart is awesome, Moby, eh, I like his music I just don’t like him as a person, but whatevs. You have the same name as the founder of Buddhism? Do you hold the same belief of living without attachment or as an artist must you not let go of passion and attachment to your creation?

I am somewhat in between on that question. I am attached to my works as they are an extension of my being. Though I do not mind letting them go should someone want such a thing.

7) Ok, I don’t know your romantic status but hypothetically you are single and meet two super hot twins. They are equally smart, funny, etc and both are into you. The only difference is one is a painter one is poet. Which one do you go out with?

I think I would choose the poet. I adore wordsmiths – they are very ladylike in their demeanor, ha, at times.

8) It’s true, poets got game. No doubt. Continuing with poetry what do you enjoy about poetry today? What do you think is missing from it?

I like the world-wide forum that the internet has opened so that people can read on an international level more easily. Publication is difficult and I think more assistance in this area is missing.

9) Yeah, my beef with poetry besides a lot of it being bad is it can be so ‘clicky.’ In the end it should just be about the book, what is your all time favorite poetry collection?

I would have to say anything by E.E. Cummings fascinates me.

10) Word. I hear good thing 😉 Last question, what are you working on right now?

Currently I am working on two different collections of poetry and art. One entitled ‘I Do’ and the other ‘Ripple’ – I anticipate both will be released before the end of the year. Thank you so much for this opportunity and the humor you bring to us all. It is important to laugh each and every day!

I do what I can, thank you for being a part of The 10 Questions with Christoph Series. Here are some ways to connect with Pierce.

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  1. Great interview, Siddartha! I particularly found it compelling that you listen to music when you’re being creative. I am much the same. You’re attraction to wordsmiths is also worth noting… Great video, as well! Good job, Christoph!

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