What’s up y’all.

Black community you know I got love for you and I write this letter with only good intentions.

We bonded on this blog talking about serious subjects like race relations in the south and the Zimmerman case; we also bonded on less serious subjects like why onion booties are awesome along with watermelon and ribs.

This blog post is not as important as the Zimmerman trial but more important than watermelon and even onion booties, the subject is art and film–you need somebody you who has love and respect for you to give the truth.

Black people, I say this with respect and love but you need to stop seeing movies that involve an all black cast on a plane. We need to stop supporting the cinematic tragedies.

Look, I’m not saying “Soul Plane” was equivalent to 9-11 but both involved planes and both were stains on our souls. Poor Kevin Hart (whose new movie I saw in the theatres, which was good) could have bombed with that movie but he escaped. Will these actors in “Baggage Claim” be so lucky?

Look, I want to see black casts in great movies, but this just looks fucking horrible. It could be worse than Soul Plane.

Speaking of, people of all races are still recovering from “Soul Plane” and other terrible black plane movies (even snakes couldn’t save Soul Plane from bombing and the other one with the Black guy from Scrubs) will only make black cinema go backwards.

Here is the rule I suggest: all black-cast films need to be and stay on the ground.

There are no brothers climbing mountains or skiing, and they definitely aren’t sky diving. Why be on planes.

No, they need to be on the ground, not in the ghetto and not even males in dresses, but whatever the plot have the setting not be on a plane.

So Black Community, your good white friend Christoph pleads with you do not support this film; white producers are stupid and just want money and if they see it do well we could have a ton black plane movies.

Do you really want the movies I list below to be made?

“Da Pilots”

“Soul Plane 2”

“Frequent Fly Girls”

“Black Hawk Up, Hoes Down”

“N-word on A Plane”

Yes, those terrible films could all become realities if “Baggage Claim” becomes a success. White producers are not very smart or creative people. They will see the numbers and then make those movies I listed above.

We all want to see good movies that represent the black community well and no longer have to involve a large black man in dress. Friends are honest with each other, and as a good friend of the black community, I must say when things are wrong. Baggage Claim is very wrong and looks very bad. Please don’t support it, also, the lead actress is married to Robin Thicke so she’ll be alright.

Sincerely and with much love,
Christoph Paul

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