I hate both things in this title.

I think marketing is a necessary evil if you want people to read your book/listen to your music/view your art etc. I find post-modernism to be academia/hipster jerk off art for people who can’t make actual good genuine art.

But, combining the two, you can have fun as a creative person and still play ‘the game’ when it comes to get your work out there.

That is my philosophy when it comes down to it, things should be fun and they should be authentic.

Writing can be hard but even if you’re writing about being scarred at military school or going to rehab I still have fun with it. So, I thought why not have fun with marketing, why not do it with a wink and a smile.

That is what Post-Modernism underneath all the academia bullshit is about: challenging a form and turning it on its head.

I’m sorry Foucault lovers, but I don’t see anything wrong with ‘modernism’ when it is done well. We are at a place where there are few moments where writers are willing to just write a straight good story, it’s either very low-art: romance, or paranormal, or some crap that capitalizes on some trend, or it is the high-art of post-modernism just for the elite literary circles.

Modernism is a happy middle: artistic storytelling that feels real and doesn’t use any ironic tricks.

I will admit “The Passion of The Christoph” had its moments of post-modernism and intellectual jerking off but underneath all that was just satire.

‘The Passion’ was just an independent self-indulgent piece of modernists high/low brow art with no target audience which is the book’s beauty and its curse.

But this article is not about how awesome “The Passion of The Christoph” is (which won humor book of the year, just saying, you haven’t bought it yet) but post-modernism and marketing.

What I don’t like about either “art forms” and I say that with quotations like guy from “Office Space” is the lack authenticity.

Both are trying to be clever not ‘authentically’ connect; one is to make you disavow a type of art the other is trying make you buy something. I find that be the lowest forms of all creativity. Marketers are like creative people who have gone to the darkside. It is straight up Stars Wars shit.

But I am no saint and I am a realist and understand you need do some inauthentic bullshit to get someone’s attention.

Good example, in a perfect world I could go up to a girl I find attractive in a bar, I happen to be her type, her ‘market’ so to speak, (she finds Adrian Brody very attractive or maybe Shia Lebouf or a thing for Jewy guys…you get the point) I walk up to her and say, “I find you very attractive and really would like to give you excellent sex.”

Unless I am saying that as a joke she’s gonna tell me to fuck off, but as a joke she might laugh and have a drink with me.

That is post-modern marketing.

We both acknowledge that underneath the joke is a grain of truth but we are making fun of the whole trying to pick up a girl at a bar thing. It’s acknowledging the bullshit while still being authentic. I think for ‘direct marketing’ that is a good way to go.

In the end, the best ‘marketing’ is to not to do it all and just try to find readers/listeners etc. who share the same passions as you and just build relationships talking about similar interests. Unless you have someone with a lot of ‘Klout’ pimping you, you are not going to reach much an audience if you don’t do some kind of marketing–that is just the way it goes.

Yet, people don’t want to be sold shit, they don’t know or care if you are a bad, good, or even a great writer. But if they get to know you, they might be like “That Christoph guy is funny, you know I’ll check his book out’ or ‘That Loren Kleinman really knows a lot of stuff about poetry, I’ll check her book out.’

That is just having a connection but my editor made a good point she says I still need to promote my book and not just tweet about ‘booties and basketball.’ I still need to sell my book.

She has a point, people need to know I’m a writer and don’t just tweet funny ridiculous things.

So, I am using Hootsuite to do it, set the posts up and I am just going to make fun of marketing.

I did this with promoting ‘Passion’ for the humor award: Vote For The Passion of The Christoph for humor book of the year are you’re a humorless terrorist.

It is ridiculous but that is the fun of it. I am marketing while showing how stupid marketing is which is how I feel.

My favorite was: Is The Passion of The Christoph the Benghazi of books?

Some people are going to appreciate that humor–some won’t, whatevs. Either way I’m having fun, also I write humor books with a specific humor that is not for everyone. I am seeing that I am building The Obama Primary Coalition: Intellectuals of all races and ages, African-Americans, political nerds, single women under 40, and people tuned into pop culture.’

My ‘coalition’ will get this, they know I’m just fucking around and having fun and it builds a genuine connections.

That is my philosophy: fuck around, have fun, and keep it real.

In the end, this is a way of showing that attitude while marketing and making fun of marketing at the same time—I know its kind of a mind-fuck but then again what do you expect from a term called Post-Modern Marketing.

Now, buy my books are you could end up impotent or menopausal!!!

One thought on “Post-Modern Marketing

  1. I lost my masterpiece of a comment in just one silly inadvertent key stroke. Where it went, I don’t know. My mind is in a state of flux, a veritable Benghazi to use your metaphor.

    But your post isn’t. It’s sane and apt to produce results if efforts are exerted in this regard. As I see it too, once you got my attention with humor and funny antics, you already have set one foot in the door. What you do with this opportunity is entirely up to you and if things go as planned, much can be brokered with the other person as regards a sale or a deal.

    Yes, I regard guys in marketing as the Jehovah’s Witnesses of the internet, but with you in the mix, I’m starting to have another second loo

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