What’s up y’all. I have some good news and bad news. I am on to the next book, its been done for a while. You see if you work jobs that you can sneak writing in (porn store managing and govt. work) you can be pretty prolific.

I really wanted to do “Sports Center Poems” but it got the axe. So it goes.

I am now starting a small press named after my old band Only Prescription Publishing (we will be accepting submissions in 2014) and even though it’s not official and I am a co-owner of the press I still have to follow what the other members say and it was financially and hell even artistically not worth it to write a poetry book (with pictures) for people who definitely don’t read poetry books–male sports center watchers.

I like to go against the grain and the current and other fun metaphors but there comes a limit. I will still do sports poems but this is a good example why we have blogs.

So, all the ‘klout’ and ‘kickstarter’ help I will use will go toward Book 1 of my young adult series ‘working title’ “Joey ‘The Art Film’ Caldo.”

I really love this book. As someone who has been labeled ‘a shock writer’ it is cool to write something I can show my mother and it is really solid. I am four drafts in and it is very enjoyable Young Adult book. It’s a throw back to 80’s teen movies and I just love the ‘protag’ Joey Caldo, he is like s 21st century Lloyd Dobler.

I want it to be a 3 Book Series.

I also have a poetry book in waiting with a publisher and it is a serious one, not jokes.

I know it won’t sell that well cause, let’s keep it real, it is poetry but somethings you just have to do for the art itself. It is titled “At Least I Get You In My Art and Other Poems.”

It is a beautiful book and I’m really proud of it. I am not going to say I am a great poet cause I’m not but I’ve gotten “lucky” enough times to have a solid collection.

Right now we are trying to figure out a cover. Though I would love to do something beautiful that captures the feeling of being in love with someone but that love not being attainable except in art, that is a tough book cover to show and the business man in me keeps saying in my head: no matter what get a shirtless man on the cover because that is what sells.

I am sort of kidding but not really.

If you look at the 100 Amazon books free or not, they have a ton of shirtless men on the cover. Now, I am basically doing a 180 as my last 3 books are pretty much ‘boy books’ which is probably why they haven’t sold that well.

Men do not read, if they do it involves fantasy worlds with midges playing with dragons and breasts or Tucker Max climaxing on something (on a side note I want to say “The Passion of The Christoph” has been described as an artsy Tucker Max which could be a problem for female and male readers).

“At Least I Get You In My Art & Other Poems” will be for the ladies.

I read some of the poems last Valentines Day and it might as well been Oprah cause girls were crying at the poem ‘To Rachel Lou Salome’.

I really don’t hold back and show a side I don’t often show. To keep it, I really am a sensitive dude. Don’t let the football and f-bombs fool you, I am a big old mezza fanook (that means half-a-fag in Italian.)

I show it in this collection but I really need a good cover to attract readers and I am really thinking about going the shirtless man route.

Is that pandering to the lowest common denominator?

Yes, but I want to at least break even as I am co-publishing through Swift Ink Books and it would cool to not lose money.

So, I am very open to going shirtless. I feel I need a HOT shirtless man on the cover but it has to be done in a way that I won’t be vilified by the poetry establishment.

If you have book cover ideas that involve a shirtless hot guy please put them here or email me @christophpaulwriter@gmail.com

Thank You.

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