Do you know my Super Bowl
rings can not be magnetized
by Magneto–theoretically.

Some people are
just special,
like my wife.

Giselle’s vagina
carries so much power that
the earth could stop spinning
when she hits menopause.

It’s all right,
when that happens,
I’ll find a new girl
Belichick approves of.

But to have ’30 For 30′ moment
in the end, the rings and money
and the moats or nothing
without friendship.

I miss Welker
he was best friend
but I miss

Damn Eli.

I’m better looking
and a better quarterback.
But he always beats me.

Even life isn’t fair for me.


Christoph Paul is an author of 3 books your can find here, you should buy one cause he wants a moat like Tom Brady too.

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