What Nabokov did for language
you did for reverse cowgirl.
Your body going up and down
making me pause and stare
harder than any screw holding
up a painting in the Louvre.

I watch you cum harder than
similes Neruda’s heart spilled out.
Your moans hitting notes that
Motown’s songs of love and loss
never could. There’s no script, that
captures what you do, just a Casa-
blanca smile, pretty as your Rosebud.

I dream of you more than Gastby
dreamed of Daisy. I am Anna Karenina
and you are Count Vronksy as you
suck something in me that moves
my blood, until I’m Stevie Wonder
and you’re braille on my keyboard.

You’re Camille Pagila on Tubegalore
of Sexual Persone and decadent
romanticism creating a spell I’m
under when you look back into my
Western eyes making me point North.


Christoph Paul is an award-winning author of 5 books including humor and bizarro books including The Passion of The Christoph, Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems, and Great White House. His latest upcoming book will be a novelette God Hates Fred Phelps.

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