Interview with Alara Branwen: A-List Dinosaur Erotica Writer

1) Now, I have been a porn store manager and my old drummer was into some kinky stuff, so I’m used to ‘different’ types of erotica. Not much shocks me, but “Dinosaur Erotica” even caught me by surprise. So, I must ask from the start, why dinosaurs? The answer to this question starts back when […]

In Defense of John Boehner: House of Nuts

This will be the most unpopular blog post of 2013. But I really do mean this: I think John Boehner is an honorable man and cares about his country. Underneath all the bullshit of politics are Machiavellian hidden power struggles and right-wing ideologues that have more in common with The Joker than justice. John Boehner’s […]