It is sad. No other way to put it. Everybody dies but Lou Reed was special to me. He was a true songwriter. It wasn’t about him hitting notes or blowing you away on his guitar. It was about his words and melodies.

While some people now judge music by American Idol standards, Lou Reed showed you just need to know how to play guitar and sing from your soul–something we have lost in this new century.

They say only 10,000 people bought Reed’s band The Velvet Underground’s album but those buyers all went on to start bands. That is a pretty accurate way to describe Reed’s legacy. He was an artist’s artist. For people who loved listening or playing music he was one of our favorites.

It wasn’t about him singing perfect notes or blowing people away with guitar solos. It was about the words of his songs, and as a writer/musician that is why I keep making music. I probably will, like Reed, keep writing songs until I die.

But there has been times where I thought, the hell with music, just focus on writing. Many times. But I’d hear one of Lou Reed’s song and think no, that is what is about; you have more songs in you. Keep writing them and play them live. If Lou is still doing it you should too.

Thank you Lou, RIP.

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