Look, I’m being greedy in this blog post. I should be grateful that there will be another X-Men movie not involving Brett Ratner. And yes, the trailer is awesome. But yet, there is a mutant missing now for the 5th film and I’m just annoyed. That mutant is Apocalypse.

I understand economically he’d be hard to pull off but special effects wise he’s not much different from the T-1000. Besides Magneto, I think he is the best villain.

As some of you know I was a history major and came close to writing a thesis: X-Men: A History of Humanism. In my outline, I had that Xavier represented Dr. King and Magneto was (pre-trip to Mecca) Malcolm X, but I also had a villain in there and that was Apocalypse who represented Hitler and the movement of Social Darwinism.

He is the mutant Hitler; he has a genocide on the ‘lesser’ humans in “Age of Apocalypse” (which also is time-traveling.) He lacks any ‘humanity’ which is a huge theme in X-Men. He is Hitler, Stalin, and Ring Wing Radio all in to one.

He would make an awesome villain. Why is he not being used? I just don’t understand it.

But if Bishop (who will be in this film) and time traveling becomes a thing, and this movie does extremely well, then just maybe I’ll see my dream movie in a few years for the sixth X-Men Film “X-Men: Age of Apocalypse.”

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