While different groups play partisan politics, myself, a true independent only looks for solutions. Whether you were pro or anti-Obamacare, it no longer matters. It is here and has a terrible website.

That is why I propose the government going to the private sector and getting the best web managers ever and that is free porn site Tubegalore.com. If the Obama administration would have gone through Tubegalore.com and used it as a healthcare model for its website there would have been no delays and it would be much more organized.

As you can see with Tubegalore.com it is labeled alphabetically with pictures of the most popular video types. Why can’t Obamacare follow suit and use detail and proficiency the same way Tubegalore does.

The healthcare shopper could pick options in the area they’re looking for as Tubegalore is very proficient and labeling even down to the ‘minute’ details.

A good example of this shown in the different ‘cum specialty videos’ you can choose from: Cum Brushing, Cum Covered, Cum Drenched, Cum Drinking, Cum Eating, Cum Gargling, Cum in Her Eyes, Cum in Mouth, Cum in Mouth Compilation, Cum Inside, Cum On Tits, Cum Swapping, Cum Twice, Cumshot, and Cumshot Compilation.

As you can see that is very detailed and there are not any type confusions. You know what you’re getting. With this type of specific specification and organization all issues of confusions and misunderstandings would be eliminated.

Also it is clear that Tubegalore serves a global market and makes sure its website would never crash. With a community of males in Asia that have no money or access to sex it would be catastrophic.

Tubegalore.com knows that it serves a very important need in keeping the global male community from starting a communist revolution. For the proletariat male without porn, is a dangerous individual–look at the Taliban. Without Tubegalore.com the global economy would be thrown into chaos and terrorism would rise but Tubegalore keeps it stable.

So why not trust Tubegalore.com Inc. for Healthcare as well? Healthcare, like what to masturbate to, is about making sure the buyer chooses what is best for them. With Tubegalore.com on the scene, I think Obamacare could have a fair chance to do some good.


Christoph Paul is an author of 6 books of humor, political satire, poetry, horror, and bizarro.

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