I am going to cut the chase cause I know that title was really freaking long. I will be at the Miami Book Festival Sunday the 24th. Chris Matthews of Hardball will be at the Miami Book Fair International. I will not only BE at the bookfest but I will have my giant Great White House Poster with a hole in the shark’s mouth. Why is there a hole? To get people to take photos in the mouth. As I show below with the photo I don’t know how to upload correctly.

shark photo

With this information, the mission is quite simple and quite obvious.

We need to get Chris Matthews to put his head in the shark’s mouth to take a photo.


Because, why not!?

It would be the greatest photo of 2013. It is Chris Matthews in a shark’s mouth! This is an awesome things whether follow politics or not and love or hates sharks. The combination of Chris Matthews in a Great White Mouth’s smiling will bring joy to myself and many people, and because of this–it must happen.

Please share and help make this moment of glory come true.

Chris Matthews do you have the…Hardballs to get in the shark’s mouth?

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