Hello everyone,

My ears were delighted to hear this sample of the song “Sweet Somethings”. It took me back to a time when love was an idea that could overpower us just with its melody. It is this melody that captures me and leaves me a sense of optimism about the direction of humanity.

When Kanye starts to rap I decided to cut a prostitutes ear off. The blood that came out I used for finger paint and made a piece of art on my 1000 cotton monk grey table-cloth I labeled “Van Gogh.”

She didn’t bleed out so when the chorus came I sang along, “I know you’re tired of loving, of loving With nobody to love, nobody, nobody (Uh-huh, honey)” Then I chopped her tits off and told her she was flat chested cunt and laughed as the poor whore self choked to death in her tit blood.

When the second verse came, I had a new appreciation for West’s feeling of love toward Kim Khardashian. Both models of pop culture the song shows they are both very human and seek something more than themselves. It could be that secularism has merged with romanticism and romantic love is something that feels as good as God.

I then ate the prostitutes body and felt invigorated to go the zoo and cut little children into pieces and feed them to the hippos.

Patrick Bateman

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