As you can see with the soccer ball man with a penis, I now have drawings for “Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems”. That is David Beckham. There are a lot more fun drawings that complement the poems.

This was originally an E-Book and done with a sense of fun and experiment. Could I actually sell a poetry book? Even if it was the equivalent to what people read while standing in line at the grocery store?

The answer was no? It did not ‘not’ sell, it just sold like a poetry book would.

Brody Thomas my co-writer of, who is a pro-capitalist, philistine screenwriter, and brilliant business minded friend suggested that the poems are cool but to sell, it needs drawings/caricatures–it would then be the perfect Secret Santa Gift and would make a great paperback.

I thought of my friend Spider from college who is an artist. I always wanted to do a project with him and I had a feeling if he did the poem drawings they at least wouldn’t be lame.

It ended up being pretty punk rock (there are surprisingly a lot private parts for drawings) following the Grindhouse DIY way of “Great White House”–which I don’t think you can say about many poetry books.

So now I’m left with a new question: do people want to read over 100 funny poems and see drawings about celebrities?

I honestly don’t know but I think it would make a good Christmas/Hanukkah-candle-stalking-stuffer.

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