To quote one of my favorite TV characters Kenny Powers “It’s about time mother fuckers.”

In the 30 and under writing club, I feel part of a very small group, as it should be; most young writers don’t have shit to say or don’t have the craft to say it. But as someone in that club who doesn’t totally suck and has books out there it is nice to have someone in the club whose writing I enjoy.

Successful young writers who write fiction, they know their strengths and know their weaknesses. They usually write in first person and pick a structure that works for them and usually pick a protagonist that is around their age.

Instead of trying to write the great literary novel where many twenty somethings have failed (I am one) they instead just write something cool and that is where “Disorderly” succeeded–it is just a really cool novel.

Like a good mashup, Disorderly is a fucked up delicious cocktail of A Fault In Our Stars, American Psycho, Resident Evil, and even a little bit of Lost thrown in. The protagonist, isn’t very likable but he is relatable. Him having cancer ala Walter White/Augusts Waters is a solid way to gain some sympathy from the reader and a way to deal with death. Though not literary ambitious in a pretentious way, “Disorderly” deals very well with death which is what the best works of art do.

Now this review is not going to be a book blow job. “Disorderly” is not perfect novel, but it is a good first novel. If I have any beef with the novel, it is not with the writer but with the editor as I do feel it good have been tighter and cut down, but I am editor and have preference for tighter and smaller books.

There were a few scenes that didn’t do much to move the story and even slowed it down. That criticism aside, it is solid writing, good characters (I would read a whole book with side character Angel), but most importantly this was a great story with 3 solid acts.

It is the concept I loved most about this novel taking a real event and building a cool fictional story around it while showing the angst of being a twenty-something.

I am curious to see what Jayme K. does next, as most writers who read and work hard get better with age. Also, as a fellow young writer, I want to somebody to get old with that makes me want to bring my A-Game to the page as well.

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