10 Question Interview With Jeff Burk

For the latest 10 Questions with Christoph I have Bizarro writer and editor Jeff Burk, a fusion of pop culture insanity and pulp-punk action, JEFF BURK is the cult favorite author of SHATNERQUAKE, SUPER GIANT MONSTER TIME, and CRIPPLE WOLF. Like the literary equivalent to a cult B-Horror movie, Burk writes violent, absurd, and funny […]

How I Made The Most Metal and Worst Book Trailer of All Time

I felt like my upcoming Bizarro WTF story collection “Demons in the TV” needed a song and book trailer that was really fucking brutal and funny to capture the essence of the book. I saw Gary Shteyngart’s book trailer and thought it was the best. I knew I couldn’t top it, so I thought why […]

Thus Spoke Yeezus: Nietzsche, Kanye West, and American Ethics

*Author’s Note: I will be using Robert C. Solomon’s “Living with Nietzsche: What the Great ‘Immoralist’ Has to Teach Us” as the base of my arguments. Introduction: Part 1 I would be concerned and make sure I had my passport if Kanye West was beloved as much as Taylor Swift. I wouldn’t be in America. […]