I felt like my upcoming Bizarro WTF story collection “Demons in the TV” needed a song and book trailer that was really fucking brutal and funny to capture the essence of the book.

I saw Gary Shteyngart’s book trailer and thought it was the best. I knew I couldn’t top it, so I thought why not make the worst and have something truly punk rock and metal for the literary world.

I wrote a ridiculous song, recorded it, and found the most Satanic images ridiculous images I could and put it all together. I have to say it was really fun, especially doing the cookie monster vocals and writing the lyrics.

What is the best is this did not cost me a cent and I am proud of that. So Enjoy and know it is ok to laugh.

“Demons in the TV” is out now and if you like the book trailer, you’ll like the book. If you hate the book trailer, you’ll probably hate the book.

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