While I honestly could say the best rock band of the 20th century is a 3 way tie: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. It is not even a contest with the 21st century: for a straight up rock band (which is a rare thing to find these days) Queens of The Stone Age have cemented themselves as the best.

This was not always the case, I can remember being a teenager and seeing QOTSA play Ozzfest around 1:00 PM. People didn’t give a shit but I remember thinking these guys have some cool as rifts. I listened to them some more and fell in love; I said one day those dumb kids at Ozzfest are gonna realize they didn’t even pay attention to what could be one of the best rock bands of the new century.

Many years later I would see them headline Barclays Arena. They played their classic hits that I first heard at Ozzfest to the new stuff and it was clear to myself and the rest of the audience we were seeing the best rock band of this century.

I was lucky to be hooked up by Skypemoments.com with free tickets to see my favorite band and I saw Josh Homme show why he is the best front man and lead guitar player right now. It is hard to be both, but Josh (who smoked like a pack of a day on stage) was hitting high notes and showing off his signature tone that made me jealous.

I’ve seen NIN, Kanye, and now QOTSA this year. I am now a quality over quantity concert goer and I’ll say they were all great shows, but QOTSA was special to me cause it showed rock n roll is not dying.

At the same time I have to wonder is there going to be a rock band in the next ten to twenty years that will be as good as QOTSA?

As a rock fan, I really hope so, but I am not counting on it.

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