The reaction to Richard Sherman’s post-game rant is ridiculous and disappointing. I am really disappointed at all the negative responses.

What I feel should be celebrated and applauded, gets turned on its head and on all days we still see signs of racism on MLK Day.

Now, to people saying it was just unsportsmanlike conduct and he should show some more class. I respect but disagree with your argument. I am not calling you the racist (that is later in this post), but I am saying you are wrong.

Basically, let’s cut the BS here, these guys are pumped with high levels of testosterone and putting their bodies on the line for the primal act of male to male combat.

Especially defenders in football, as they are applauded for being tough and ruthless but get attacked when they speak that way.

Look, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t love football, a violent game, that I love and always will but get upset when someone acts doped on up testosterone.

A prize-fighter acts the same, why should a cornerback not be entitled to express himself when pumped full of adrenaline and high testosterone.

In football decorum, the only person who should get chided is if a QB makes an outburst like Sherman. The QB is a different entity, he has to be stoic, he needs to be in control. Russell Wilson acted the way a QB needs to act, emotionally reserved. He is leading, he is not playing against one man. A QB needs to play in a different way than the other members of the team.

But the defender, especially the cornerback, is for most of the game going against one man–the wide receiver. It is one on one combat. While the front 7 does matter, in the end it is man against man.

And it gets primal.

Football is the closest thing we have to the Roman Coliseum, and I am just going to say it: men enjoy watching violent competition.

We can say otherwise but it is true, there is a reason why American Football is the most popular sport in a country founded on violence.

Why, is it this way?

I’ll let people smarter than me answer that, but as a species that has had competition from the moment it shoots out of a pair of testicles, well, it’s just part of life.

Life is not all roses, we have just recently reached a time where we have a choice to be noble beasts.

But to get back to the sportsmanship issue, lets just cut out the hypocrisy and let defenders be who they are; it’s a difficult game that involves a very tough physicality and mentality.

Who are we to say how someone should act when they are risking their body and even mental health to entertain us?

The last thing I will talk about is the minor to hardcore racist things I’ve seen on Social Media.

Now, I can respect old schoolers who are saying Sherman’s classless and shows bad sportsmanship. That is a fair debate and I just stated my case on why I disagree, but the people using different degrees of racist terms: thug, monkey, to nigger.



It’s 2014! We have a black president and on MLK DAY?!

We are still caught up in this crap?!

It’s really sad. I have said this before and say it again, racism is still very much alive and there are different color lines as I have said in a previous essay.

I am not going to say they are ‘bad ‘people for saying these things, but they are very definitely ignorant (especially the ones labeling him a thug), and the ones calling Sherman a ‘monkey’ and ‘niger’ are idiots.

I don’t know, it’s just disappointing; in a weird way my dream on MLK Day is looking forward to people complaining when a black man ‘acts up’ that he is just labeled an asshole, not a monkey, nigger, or thug–especially when the man is a straight A student from Stanford.

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