HBO does make good documentaries; “Questioning Darwin” was very solid. One of the most interesting things is how people of faith deal (myself included as I once wanted to be a deacon) with the disenchanting realization of Natural Selection.

It is a very tough truth to accept for some people, and while it is easy to laugh at Evangelical literal believers, I do have empathy for those who take what Kierkegaard called ‘the leap of faith’ and will not go back and make their beliefs meet with scientific truth. Even Darwin shared similar views that were dismantled when he went on his voyage and found his famous theory.

Human beings strive to know truth and hold it up as a great ideal, but ironically we are the only animals that care for truth while still finding ways to avoid it.

No matter how right Bill Nye is and how many debates he wins there will always be large group of people who will find the truth of evolution as an existential threat to their life’s meaning. The documentary shows that very well with all the interviews of literal bible believers who will never accept evolution not matter what facts are presented.

Though I accept evolution and have grieved the truths of what that means about God and our reason for being here; I understand the people who deny scientific truth, not because they are stupid, but because their hearts are strong with love for God and that truth could very well break that love–which could break them.

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