that is
how you
say my name.

The ya,
is the sound
a Shaman Indian makes.

I’m on some really good
shrooms and wear bags
on my head with words
stating I’m not famous,

which makes
me more famous;

it is an act
of metamodernism.

Once you’ve been
in the foxhole
with Megan Fox,

you look for God,

and to subvert
all truth and
copy all lies.

I’m floating
in a world
with no air,
no oxygen.

I can see
the cells of
God decaying,

at least
that’s what
Marilyn Manson
told me what
I’m seeing.

We do cocaine
and absinthe
and learn
we are

The Holy Mountain.


If you enjoyed the poem check out the humor poetry collection by Christoph Paul “Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems”

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