Wanna play?

I tell the kids that
to get them warmed up.

To get their soul,
you gotta gain
the little

To kill adults,
it’s even harder;

you gotta find
small knives.

I hate being
made of rubber
and looking a
ginger faggot,

but it still
feels good to
go stab someone

and feel
the blood
drip down

on my


I miss having
human flesh.


I tried
to rape
Raggedy Ann.

I get bored
when Andy
ain’t around.

His body
will be

fucking top-notch
to grow up in;

when I was his age,
I killed little animals

but now I’m his little pet.

When I get his body,
I’m going to go find
little kids his age.

Make them my toys.


Christoph Paul is an award-winning author of 5 books including “Demons in The TV” “Great White House” & “Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems”

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