Just going to use this blogpost to give some props to Loren Kleinman. Some people deserve some love and she is one; I am more grateful than a virgin boy on prom night to get in the Huffington Post but it is more than that.

She is a two-time published and esteemed poet who is respected by the literary community but helps and promotes those who aren’t.

She put out Indie Authors Naked where she interviewed many unknown writers who self-published out of their own self-interest who are very talented with artistic merit like Eden Baylee, Joseph Wade, Toby Neal, Rachel Thompson, Sarah Gerard, Ted Heller (still fucked up that book didn’t find a home) and many more.

Then she puts a guy who is writing a fiction book about Satan and plastic surgery called “Tits From Hell” on The Huffington Post and focusing on a genre with respect like “Bizarro” that I think is the most interesting thing going on in the literary world but only Cracked or Vice will look at it like a freak show, but she gives it respect. That is pretty damn cool in my book and shows a true curious and ‘independent’ mind.

In a way it’s sad because it’s the first time The Huffington Post put a Bizarro tag up on anything (that has nothing to do with Glenn Beck or Superman) and it’s not even someone who started the scene many years ago in Portland, it’s some newbie Italian-Jew living in New York City (the most anti-bizarro city in the world, I’ve learned doing enough ‘literary’ readings) who is just good at marketing and saying funny shit on Social Media.

I am an egotistical and confident writer but there are way better and more deserving ‘Bizarro’ writers, than me that should be on the damn Huffington Post when focusing on the Bizarro genre.

But you know what, that is cool. It got a lot of views, it opened the door to great genre and I got mention to some really great authors and she can now shine the light on other authors the mainstream media and the literary highbrows or low for that matter do not give any attention.

The Internet does not always reward ‘risk’ or ‘new’.

It is very easy to write articles about The next 50 Shades of Grey, YA dystopia, or how to sell or promote books, or make some stupid ass list and get clicks, but to promote on a Mainstream blog risk-averse unknown and controversial artists (I know who I am, my girlfriend won’t even promote my work cause she doesn’t want to upset her grandmother) takes some ‘ladyballs’ and some integrity.

So I give her props and say thank you. Thank you for supporting “Indie authors” in the true sense of the word.

The literary world needs more Loren Kleinmans’.

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