Right off the bat, I am going to say I am not a huge zombie or even a big post-apocalyptic fan. I like either really weird like bizarro or hardcore horror or a really literary book—my tastes are usually to the extremes, but at the end of the day sometimes I just want entertainment. I like a fast pace novel and a new way for a fun story to be told.

The zombie post-apocalyptic story never seems to die and writers like Kassab make that a good thing. Back in 03’ Brian Keene who has become the O.G of the new school zombie story came out with “The Rising” (maybe still the best traditional Zombie novel of all-time) and a trend started and it was cool and Max Brooks made it even cooler and then it became annoying.

Then I got sick of zombies until I read a book that is still one of my favorite books to this day and though Amazon can show the title I can’t say its name without an edit and that book is called “Zombies and Shit” by Carlton Mellick III. It reinvigorated a (excuse poor choice of words) dying genre and I feel Kassab is the first guy to come to close to the same feat Mellick produced with the post-apocalyptic zombie story.

Where Mellick’s world felt futuristic, satirical, and more B-Movie like, Kassab’s strikes a tone of realism and captures the anxiety most young people feel now in real life. Take out the ‘foamers’ and replace the fear of them with the current job market and the economy and this book hits very close to home, as many young people are just looking for ways to survive.

The book is not Transgressive like “Zombies & Shit” but more a traditional straightforward story like most post-apocalyptic fiction with a likable good guy protagonist like in “The Road” and “The Rising” where Kade is someone you like and you root for and want to see survive.

This was a fast read as I finished it on two-plane ride from New York to Florida; the structure of letters as openings for chapters was also a nice extra touch that added more of the realism that I liked in the series.

In the end a series succeeds when a fan hopes and waits for book 2.

I am waiting…

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