My rant on Amazon reviews…

One, I want 1st Amendment rights. I want cursing and I want blunt honesty. None of this Amazon making sure it thinks the review is appropriate unless it is a damn book for kids.

Hell, a review is entertainment in itself. At least it used to be, it was an art form but right now reading most Amazon reviews is basically like watching handjob porn videos–unless you have a handjob fetish.

They are boring, and they have as much integrity as if Saul Goodman had child with a drug rep for Viagra.

I am hearing talks of banning 1 star reviews, which shows how deadly and horrible what I will label “the art therapation” of literature has become.

This is literature, books that weren’t the Bible, which used to be an art form that do-gooders and squares preached against. It challenged free-speech not encouraged censorship.

Writing has become “Oprahfied” (though, let me state, I do respect Oprah’s work ethic).

To quote an author friend “This isn’t The Care Bare Club.” 1 star reviews are fine and fair and there is no problem if they are scathing ones. A writer is going to write no matter how many bad reviews they get.

Some authors, including me, need to be told their books suck (though writers, please don’t comment on your bad or good reviews, it’s just such bad form on so many levels. It’s “hackish”.)That is how you get better. It is part of the deal.

The only legitimate gripe is when a poor review is used to purposely hurt the author’s rankings: a rival publisher, writer, or a fucking ex–yeah those exist.

I think the solution is you’ve got to own the review know who this person is that is writing the review.

Anonymous reviews with financial or personal lack of integrity are the problem, cause you can just be fake and give praise or hate.

Reviews can be purchased or traded.

But if you are a real a person, with a photo, you have to own them (just like professionals do in legit papers and online and paper journals) before we had the Internet.

The solution could be it Amazon is tied to someone’s Facebook profile or Twitter or something around those lines.

Most sites from Kickstarter to Goodreads makes people sign in through Facebook or Twitter so why not Amazon?

I do realize this is the plot of the novel The Circle about the disenchantment and totalitarian ways of Social Media, but this is best solution I’ve got for the digital age and the “Hegemon” that Amazon has become and will be for this century.

What do you think?

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