From upcoming Poetry collection with the same title.


That song I wrote, my one
and only love song, ‘Rachel’
it’s about you; in the verse,
our hearts weigh the same—
when the chorus comes
I don’t lean forward
like when we speak
over coffee or at a bar.

No, in the song, we look at each
other from an equal distance;
both of us smile like a chord pro-
gression that goes back into the verse.

I know you like my music,
but I know you like my writing more.
Do you remember the Young
Adult Novel I showed you?
The one that made you laugh,
that had ‘a lot of promise.’
I’m going to revise it, it’ll have
a new ending–he gets the girl.

She’s tall like you, just as cute
and even goofier, but not as
scared or unsure. She meets
my teen-me-character who has
all of my exaggerated flaws
and authenticity I wish I had.

He goes through hell,
cause he falls hard
for you, and like real life
she doesn’t know how she feels.

But in the final pages you pick him,
even with all his flaws you see
that you love him, and know
he is the right guy….

But in our real lives,
my passion for you is not art,
it is a math problem I can’t solve.

I’m 10 years old again learning life’s
hardest lesson, somethings are:
greater than or less than.

Love could be the equal sign,

as I stated the question, “there’s
nothing missing with you; you’re what
I’ve been waiting for…Do you feel it too?”

You stayed silent as pity was in your eyes
and your shadow turned into a cruel
alligator–its mouth opening toward
you while turning its back on me.

I am less than
what you wanted.

Math and Biology
are hard truths.

At least I get you in my art…

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