It’s Sunday morning,
I’m on the couch
with my girlfriend.

I’m reading a new
poem ‘Ezra Pound at St.
Elizabeth’s Hospital.’
She relaxes watching
Sex & The City.

The Pound Poem
is great and the
language is right
while the TV shows
the episode where
Miranda meets
bartender Steve
for the first time.

He’s reading Hemingway.

Whether the Sex & The
City writers planned it,
the glance she gives Steve
shows they’ll fall in love
and The Cantos of Sex &
The City starts the chapter
of Steve and Miranda that
would be a love poem that
Pound never could equal.

Ezra tried to be Dante
and take people from hell
to the heavens in Cantos
but he never got there.
He stayed in his Hell.

No one is perfect, as Steve
would cheat on Miranda
and Ezra Pound would
join the fascist movement
and embrace anti-Semitism.

Still, Miranda would forgive
Steve in the Sex & The City
film, showing love helps you
forgive and Gay-Jewish poet
Allen Ginsberg would forgive
Ezra asking him for a blessing
in the art form both men loved.


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